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Consultants & Suppliers Register

Do you need to FIND a consultant for your project or a supplier of a specialist product? Refer to the Instructions below to search the Register.

Or would you like to REGISTER as:

  • A CONSULTANT working with museums and galleries, or in the field of cultural heritage? or
  • A SUPPLIER of a specialist product relevant to museums and galleries?

By completing the Registration Form (PDF 44kB), you will be registering your professional services and products with Museum & Gallery Services Queensland — the peak industry body for museums and galleries in Queensland.

Consultants must ask two Referees to complete the Referee Report (available as a PDF 36kB or Word doc 128kB).

The Register can be accessed Australia-wide, therefore registration is not restricted to Queensland-based Consultants and Suppliers. It is used by staff and volunteers working in museums, galleries, and the wider cultural heritage industry, and is regularly accessed prior to funding deadlines.

Your inclusion will mean your business is promoted to the sector via the online Consultants & Suppliers Register (or, in the case of those without internet access, via enquiries to Museum & Gallery Services Queensland).

Inclusion on the Register is free of charge (previous registration fees applied have been waived).


You can search for a Consultant or Supplier by name, by key professional skills or key supplies or products. To conduct your search, simply use the drop-down menus provided.


Inclusion on the Consultants & Suppliers Register is only an indication of availability and expertise. It is not a guarantee of quality and does not imply an endorsement by M&GSQ. Requestors must make their own enquiries about the suitability of a particular Consultant/Supplier for the Requestor’s purposes. M&GSQ does not assess the calibre or background of Consultants or Suppliers and M&GSQ specifically disclaims responsibility for the quality of outcome following use of a Consultant or Supplier sourced through the Register.


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