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Kronosaurus Korner

91 - 93 Goldring St, Richmond, QLD 4822
Postal address
PO Box 93, Richmond, QLD 4822
Opening hours
Nov-Mar Mon-Sun 8.30am-4pm; Apr-Oct Mon-Sun 8.30am-5pm
Adults $20; Children $10; Concession $16; Family $40

Kronosaurus Korner is Australia’s premier marine fossil museum, featuring over 600 registered fossils from Richmond, Outback Queensland. The fossils on display provide fascinating insights into the creatures that survived in the ancient Eromanga Sea which covered Richmond over 100 million years ago. Kronosaurus Korner is proud to exhibit many significant specimens, including ‘Penny’ the plesiosaur – one of the most complete vertebrate fossils in the world, ‘Wandah’ – Australia’s largest fossil fish, Minmi – a small plant‐eating dinosaur affectionately known as ‘the armoured car of the Cretaceous’ and ‘Marlin’s Beastie’ – the limb bones of a completely new, long‐necked sauropod dinosaur.

The museum also displays the largest known collection of fossils belonging to its namesake, Kronosaurus – a 10 metre long predatory pliosaur, which was equipped with enormous crocodile‐like jaws. Kronosaurus Korner also features a world‐class preparation laboratory, where visitors can watch the careful removal of fossils from their rocky surroundings. From May to August, fossil hunting enthusiasts can accompany Kronosaurus Korner’s resident palaeontologist on ‘Digging At Dusk’ fieldtrips to Richmond’s famous fossil sites. Bookings can also be made for larger, week‐long ‘CSI: Cretaceous Sea Monster Investigation’ digs in July.

For more information, please visit or call us during business hours on 07 4741 3429.


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