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Kingaroy Heritage Museum

124 Haly St, Kingaroy QLD 4610
Postal address
PO Box 272, Kingaroy QLD 4610
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm; Sat-Sun 10am-4pm; Public holidays 10am-2pm

Kingaroy’s landmark “Peanut Silos” tower over the Museum, creating a magnet for the visitor seeking information about these giants and the industry they symbolise.

The Museum is housed in the old Kingaroy Power House Building (1925-1952), and the main focus of the museum is the history of the peanut industry. This is depicted by the collection of agricultural machinery showing the ingenuity and inventiveness of local farmers and tradesmen.

The Museum’s comprehensive collection includes machinery invented by locals out of a need for suitable implements to plant and harvest the peanut crops. Machinery includes a Bicycle Powered Thresher, built in 1909, an American made wheat thresher, converted by a local farmer to thresh peanuts, and a Stationary Peanut Thresher designed and built on a local farm by the farmer Mr Harry Young, in the late 1920s.

The collection also includes a rare and unusual boomerang, which was presented to the first Kingaroy Stationmaster in 1904, by the local Aboriginal people.

Along with photos and objects relating to the people who founded the town and those who grew up under the shadow of the silos, the Museum provides an experience of Kingaroy’s significance in Australia’s History.


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