Photo: Trisha Henningson, Librarian, Chinchilla Museum.

Chinchilla Historical Museum

Come to the Chinchilla Historical Museum and stand in the place where the fight against the scourge of prickly pear was instigated, read about the development of the experimental station and the first plant killed by the larvae of the cactoblastis moth.

Useful information

17-33 Villiers Street, Chinchilla, QLD


Café / refreshments
Guided tours by request

Opening hours

Monday9am – 4pm
Thursday9am – 4pm
Friday9am – 4pm
Saturday9am – 4pm
Sunday9am – 4pm

More information about Chinchilla Historical Museum

Find the unique, local petrified wood called Chinchilla Red, which can be dated to the Jurassic Period (140 – 180 million years ago) and learn about the local timber industry at the Cyprus Pine Interpretive Centre.

Discover the perils of country policing and see one of the only remaining, fire damaged police cells in Australia. See many examples of historical machinery including a unique Mogul tractor. An extensive collection of family and local history information, photographs and newspaper articles can be found in the Kathleen Emmerson Library, which is located in the museum grounds and can be visited by making an appointment.

Come for a ride on the mini train and get a fabulous view of the entire museum grounds or just bring a picnic and relax in peaceful surroundings.

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