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  • Collection management
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  • Visual arts curation & interpretation
  • Writing & editorial

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Catherine Asquith Art Advisory provides tailored advice for private and corporate collections on acquisition and deaccession strategies, collection development and enhancement in addition to asset management protocols, including best practice valuations. With a combined expertise in the national and international art markets of approximately 5 decades and offices in Melbourne and Sydney, they work in concert with collectors/collections to achieve a collection of artistic integrity, enduring quality, and market longevity, incorporating geographic arbitrage, regional art strategies, identifying undervalued artists and other market opportunities. Regular, up to date valuations are an important adjunct to the ongoing maintenance and accurate documentation of any collection and invariably provide an appreciation of its current parameters and future directions. Their areas of expertise stretch across all areas of the global art market and multi-disciplinary contemporary art practices, including painting, sculpture, works on paper and multiples, with a specialist focus on Australian and Indigenous art and artists as well as East Asian contemporary art.



National Art Consultant for Chadstone Art Collection Ongoing Management including Audit, Valuation, Relocation & Reparations, & art walk navigation plaques.


Integrated Car Park Façade, Chadstone: Artwork Commission as Vicinity’s national appointed art consultant, Catherine Asquith was instrumental in the commissioning process for an integrated artwork for the carpark facades at Chadstone Shopping Centre, a limited invitation urban artwork commission valued at AU$6m.


Panel Discussion: Collecting Art Now With Catherine Asquith, Andy Dinan, Director of Mars Gallery, and Collector Simon Terry @ Mars Gallery.


C & D Capital: Curating a New Collection


Thought Forest by Camie Lyons / Completed artwork commission, AMP Capital.

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