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M&G QLD publications

M&G QLD‘s publications inform and support the sector as well as advocating on its behalf by providing leadership, building awareness and communicating the sector’s value to local, state, and federal government, stakeholders and audiences. 

National Public Galleries Alliance publications and research

Australian Public Galleries Snapshot 2019

Collates the data of 170 of our country’s estimated 434 small-to-medium public galleries. Published in 2021 by M&G QLD and PGAV on behalf of the National Public Galleries Alliance.

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Media Release

Australian Public Galleries Snapshot 2020 cover

Australian Public Galleries Snapshot 2018

Collates the data of 197 of our country’s estimated 408 small-to-medium public galleries. Published in 2020 by M&G QLD and PGAV on behalf of the National Public Galleries Alliance.

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Media Release

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This M&G QLD newsletter is published three times per year and provides updates on M&G QLD programs, events, and services, along with Queensland sector news.

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M&G QLD annual reports

Download M&G QLD’s annual reports for information about activities, Staff and Board members for each year.

Annual Statistics Survey 2022-2023

Museums & Galleries Queensland (M&G QLD) is asking for your help to collect statistics about your gallery/museum for the 2022-23 calendar years.

Linked below is a survey which we are asking you to complete and return to M&G QLD by Monday 12 August 2024. Submit your survey by the due date, and your organisation will go in the running to win one free registration for a nominated staff member or volunteer to attend M&G QLD’s 2024 Conference, Belonging.  

Alternatively, a fillable and printable PDF copy of the form can be downloaded here. If choosing this option, please email your completed form to [email protected] 

Collecting these statistics is important to us. M&G QLD uses them for a number of purposes:  

  • To build a ‘snapshot’ of visitation trends across regions; 
  • To analyse trends between groups of galleries and museums – eg. small, medium, large;  
  • To compare these trends from year to year;
  • To allow M&G QLD to build an accurate picture of the sector to inform our current and future programs, services, policies and directions — to better service Queensland galleries and museums;  
  • To advocate to all levels of government about the value of museums and galleries locally, state-wide and nationally – e.g. as vital institutions within their communities, as tourism destinations within the State, etc.  

M&G QLD will use the statistics only in aggregate form for the purposes outlined above – we will not make public any individual gallery/museum visitor statistics.         

If you have any questions about the survey or M&G QLD’s use of this data please contact M&G QLD at P: 07 3059 9740, freecall 1800 866 101, or E: [email protected].         

The survey should only take 5–10 minutes to complete. We thank you for your time and effort in assisting M&G QLD to collect this important data.

Annual statistics reports

Each year, M&G QLD collects statistics from Queensland’s 400+ public galleries and museums across the State, capturing data on annual visitation, staffing, volunteers and exhibitions.

M&G QLD’s sector publications and research


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Museums & Galleries Queensland

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