2023 GAMAA trophies by artist Nicole Jakins. Image courtesy of the artist.


Paid Staff

Joint Winner

M&G QLD Chairperson, Karina Devine, presenting Brian Ogden with his trophy, created by Queensland artist Nicole Jakins. Photograph by Katie Bennett.

Brian Ogden

Visitor Experience Team Member for Museum of Brisbane

Brian Ogden joined the Museum of Brisbane’s Visitor Experience Team when it first opened in 2003. As Museum of Brisbane’s longest serving and most knowledgeable tour guide, Brian has passionately shared is stories of Brisbane with thousands of visitors.

Brian’s tours of the Museum of Brisbane and Brisbane’s iconic City Hall Clock Tower are not to be missed!

With a love of Brisbane’s history, Brian also:

  • develops content for Museum of Brisbane’s walking and boat tours;;
  • meets with Artists in Residence to provide information and historical knowledge to aid their residency projects; and
  • does a weekly spot unveiling the ‘Secrets of Brisbane’ on 4BC Afternoons with Sofie Formica.

Brian’s commitment to continuous learning, professionalism and improvement has motivated others at Museum of Brisbane to strive for excellence in their own roles.

Brian’s approachable nature, infectious enthusiasm, humour, and genuine care for both his colleagues and visitors creates a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to excel.

Joint Winner

M&G QLD Chairperson, Karina Devine, presenting Dr Jo Wills with her trophy, created by Queensland artist Nicole Jakins. Photograph by Katie Bennett.

Dr Jo Wills

Senior Museum Development Officer Far North Queensland for Queensland Museum Network

With more than 20 years’ experience in the museum and heritage sector, Dr Jo Wills is highly regarded for her professional excellence and commitment to Queensland’s built and moveable cultural heritage collections.

Jo was nominated by the Babinda Museum for the exemplary advice, supervision, and hands on support she provided to the Babinda Museum Steering Committee – a small group of volunteers who had no money, a very small collection and no experience in museum development – to build their award-winning Museum.

The Babinda Museum however, is just one of many examples that highlight the professional support Jo provides to organisations in her role as Senior Museum Development Officer, FNQ.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small museums and collecting organisations, Dr Jo Wills goes above and beyond to support those she works with, to grow their understanding of best practice, and to help these organisations to prosper. She generously shares her knowledge and expertise through mentoring, community consultation and more.

Jo is an inspiring role model who actively fosters connections, upskills staff and volunteers in best practice museum standards through hands-on training and advice, and brings communities together through culture.

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