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Museum of Natural History concept. Courtesy Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs
Our past, your museum. Building a sustainable Museum of Natural History in Outback Queensland

Australian Age of Dinosaurs has been developing in stages over 11 years. These stages were planned to ensure the long-term viability of the Museum and, as visitation increased, that the necessary supporting infrastructure (such as accommodation, food outlets and transportation facilities) in Winton would also develop to meet demand.

The final stage of the Museum’s infrastructure development is its most challenging: the construction of a multi-million-dollar Museum of Natural History (MNH). Building the MNH in Outback Queensland will serve to preserve and promote Australia’s geological past, helping to secure the long-term sustainability of communities throughout regional Australia. The viability of this massive undertaking has been endorsed by the completion of a comprehensive Bankable Feasibility Study, compiled by internationally recognised consultancy firm, Grant Thornton.

This Study has built the capacity of the Museum by clearly outlining the necessary steps to complete construction of the MNH within the next three to five years. In readiness for this, plans to broaden the Museum’s reach through the development of further products and experiences, such as dark-sky astronomy initiatives and virtual excursions to school classrooms, have now been implemented along with development of new tours and a broad range of unique merchandise options. Likewise, the Study has highlighted the urgency to further build the Museum’s fossil collection in readiness for the MNH, and a range of collecting and exchange initiatives with other museums around Australia is now underway.

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