Excerpt from front cover of National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.

National standards

The National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries is focused on key areas of activity common to organisations that care for collections and provide collection-based services to the community.

National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of standards and resources on museum practice? The  National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries  contains links to many resources on best practice. Areas covered include: 

  • Managing the museum 
  • Involving people 
  • Developing a significant collection 

Calling for contributions for version 2.0 

Since 2008, the  National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries  has been updated as museum and gallery practice evolves and more resources have been developed and published. The National Standards Taskforce has identified the need for a full update from version 1.5 to version 2.0, in line with new developments since the original 2008 version.

The Taskforce has received funding from The Ian Potter Foundation to review the National Standards and create a new edition. New content will address key developments to museum and gallery practice. This project also involves engaging a First Nations consultant to lead the integration of AMaGA’s First Peoples: A Roadmap for Enhancing Indigenous Engagement in Museums and Galleries into the National Standards.

New content will be created across the following areas:

  • Diversity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Digital Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Digitisation
  • Copyright

If you’re interested in contributing to this update, please email M&G QLD’s Training and Professional Development Program Officer, Leisha Walker at [email protected]

National Standards Taskforce

The National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries has been produced collaboratively by the National Standards Taskforce.  

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