Sherrie Knipe, ‘Comb Over’, 2012. Installation view at Tweed River Art Gallery.

Comb Over

Comb Over was a wall installation consisting of seventy oversized combs cut from pine plywood, accompanied by two stools or tail combs also made from plywood.

About the exhibition

This exhibition, Comb Over by Sherrie Knipe, consisted of 70 individual oversized plywood combs, along with stools titled Tail Combs. The works were based upon the combs in use in our everyday lives. They were cut from 25mm plywood and no two are alike, though several are similar.

Combs are simple items that we all have personal relationship with. They conjure memories of our past and perhaps suggest a future as our relationship changes with this humble object. This work may be nightmare for a hairdresser or middle aged man, but no matter what the relationship, in this context they present a humorous view of the everyday.


Sherrie Knipe

Tour dates

22 March5 May 2013
24 May6 July 2013
19 July1 September 2013
8 February2 March 2014


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Comb Over by Sherrie Knipe was supported by the Tweed River Art Gallery and toured by Museums & Galleries Queensland.


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Sherrie Knipe, ‘Comb Over’, 2012.
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