Group of 3 Bagu (detail), artists left to right: Emily Murray, Theresa Beeron, Ninney Murray, 2011-16. Ceramic of various sizes. Photo: Valerie Keenan, Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre.

Manggan: gather, gathers, gathering

This exhibition features contemporary artworks by 19 artists from the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, together with selected cultural objects drawn from the South Australian Museum collection gathered from the Girringun region.


Claude Beeron, Daniel Beeron, George Beeron Snr, Maureen Beeron, Theresa Beeron, Nancy Cowan, Nephi Denham, Sandra Escott, Tonya Grant, Judith Henry, Clarence Kinjun, Doris Kinjun, Abe Muriata, Alison Murray, Debra Murray, Emily Murray, John Murray, Ninney Murray, Sally Murray, Eileen Tep.


Manggan – gather, gathers, gathering: room brochure

Manggan – gather, gathers, gathering: education resource

Tour dates

9 September 201711 February 2018
2 March15 April 2018
23 May14 July 2018
27 July26 August 2018
12 December 201827 January 2019
7 February24 March 2019
27 April2 June 2019
7 February15 March 2020
9 June16 September 2020
16 October29 November 2020
18 December 20206 February 2021


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Manggan – gather, gathers, gathering is a travelling exhibition in partnership between Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, the South Australian Museum and toured by Museums & Galleries Queensland. This exhibition is supported by the Visions regional touring program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to cultural material for all Australians. It is supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program and the Queensland Government; and proudly sponsored by Conrad Gargett, Urban Art Projects and TED. 

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