Nicola Hooper, ‘Tularaemia (rabbit fever) zoonotic wallpaper’ (detail), 2018. Hand-coloured lithograph, digitally printed, size variable. Photo: courtesy of the artist.


Through drawing and lithography, Nicola Hooper uses fairy-tale iconology and rhymes to explore concepts surrounding zoonoses (animal diseases that can infect humans). The exhibition ZOONOSES explores how we perceive certain animals in the context of fear and disease. 

About the exhibition

Nicola is a Logan-based artist with a background in design and illustration. Lithography and drawing became integral to her studio practice whilst she completed a MAVA and MAVA (Hons) at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. She completed her Doctorate in 2019 with her research titled Zoonoses – A Visual Narrative, after being awarded a GU Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

Nicola has undertaken a number of residencies; her most recent at the Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, under the watchful eye of master printer, Theo Tremblay. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in public and private collections.

ZOONOSES includes artworks created in January 2019 during a studio stay at Black Church Print Studio in Dublin, while Nicola researched the Celtic myth ‘Concerning Cats’ by Lady Francesca Wilde in her book Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland 1887. Nicola re-tells this story, making associations to the zoonosis ‘Toxoplasmosis’. The works are all created using hand coloured stone lithography including an artist book, prints, wallpaper and a mobile.

This exhibition lends itself to unique public program opportunities, including a visually spectacular, collaborative wallpaper program for children; ‘construct a fly’ workshops; children’s animation workshop undertaken by Dr Zeynep Akcay; polyester plate lithography workshop for children or adults; artist talks; art/science panel discussion opportunities; and storytelling.


Dr Nicola Hooper

Dr Nicola Hooper discusses her exhibition, ZOONOSES, and her artistic practice.

Tour dates

20 May7 July 2022
31 July 14 October 2022
5 November 202214 January 2023
23 January26 March 2023
22 April18 June 2023
14 July26 August 2023
3 September5 November 2023
24 November 20236 January 2024
17 February28 April 2024
4 May28 July 2024
2 November 20242 February 2025
27 February12 April 2025


ZOONOSES is a touring exhibition of works by Dr Nicola Hooper presented by Logan Art Gallery, Logan City Council, in partnership with Museums & Galleries Queensland. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia program, and is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. Proudly sponsored by Haymes Paint.


Andrea Higgins

Exhibition Program Officer,
Museums & Galleries Queensland

An artwork by Elisa Jane Carmichael and Sonja Carmichael consisting of ghost net, fibres and fish scales
Elisa Jane Carmichael and Sonja Carmichael, ‘Circle of Life and Light’ (detail), 2019. Ghost net, wire, nylon fishing net, synthetic fibres and fish scales. Dimensions variable. Photo: Carl Warner.
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