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Date: Friday 20 August 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm &
Thursday 2 September 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm
Cost: Free

This two part workshop will result in a touchscreen interactive, of your creation, ready to be put in front of your visitors. (Yes, really!)

It’s dead easy to do; you definitely don’t need to be a techie person. If you don’t go all the way through the process to make an interactive, you’ll at least learn how, see what your workshop mates have done, get some new ideas and contribute your ideas and feedback on others’ work. It’ll be stimulating and fun.

The workshop uses the online software Curio Publisher and you’ll be able to take advantage of the free licence to try out what you’ve made on your site.

Workshop One – let’s get started

This workshop will show you how the (easy) software works, and what it’s capable of. We’ll look at examples of what others have done and have a brainstorm together of what you could do with it.

Then we’ll set you up with some homework, to do in between workshops, and guide you on what you will need (an image, a story…). Your “homework” can be as non-existent, short or intense as you like.

In between workshops, you can pick Emily’s brain if you need help along the way.

Workshop Two – are we there yet?

This workshop allows participants to show where they got to with their homework, and for all participants to ask questions and contribute ideas and feedback on each interactive. It’ll be a chance for us all to learn about interactive story-telling and make our own minds up on what works best.

If you have a touchscreen, then you can publish your work to a touchscreen, and put it in front of visitors, and we’ll talk about how to measure its success.

Your free trial licence means that interactive can be on the floor as soon as you’re ready.

About Emily Loughnan

Emily has a long (since 1994) career making bespoke interactives, particularly for the GLAM sector, through her business, Click Suite. That work has attracted 125 awards and finalists placings, and now Emily has turned that passion for interactive storytelling into some software to allow others to make their own interactives. “I know how expensive digital can be, and I’m really keen to see more people using it. This software is made to empower those working in the sector, to make their own interactives – and not need us anymore!”

You might remember Emily from her presentation at Opening Doors, the 2019 M&G QLD Conference in Cairns.

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