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Funding Opportunities

Museums & Galleries Queensland has compiled a list of grant opportunities available for museums, galleries and other cultural organisations in Queensland.

Type in a keyword and/or select a Category from the drop-down menu and click Search.

How to use this search

Each fund is listed separately in the database and has been tagged with filters to help you separate out funding sources by category. One item may be tagged with multiple filters. For example, an item can be tagged both 'Philanthropic Funding' and 'Capital Works'.


The grants and funds are organised into areas of activity. These include:

  • Capital Works (includes purchase of property, buildings, extensions to buildings, upgrades or refurbishments to facilities);
  • Conservation, Preservation;
  • Equipment;
  • Indigenous Programs;
  • Philanthropic Funding;
  • Project Work (includes exhibitions, public programs, events, collection projects, crowdfunding, etc);
  • Residencies, Internships, Mentorships, Individual Development;
  • Staffing, Administrative Costs;
  • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training (includes funds for hire of consultants and speakers);
  • Disaster Relief


This listing does not include: awards, prizes, or scholarships; sponsorship opportunities; or funding for for-profit businesses.

These resources are intended as a starting point only and do not necessarily represent all levels of funding available to any particular group. This information is also subject to change. Grant seekers should check the funding body's website for updated information and submission dates and speak to the contact officer before submitting an application.


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