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COVID-19 resources

M&G QLD has compiled the following information and resources to support our sector through the impacts of COVID-19.

M&G QLD will continue to update this page and guidance as new information becomes available. For official updates and directives, please refer to the Queensland Government COVID-19 website.

We encourage you to take care of yourselves and those around you by observing physical distancing, staying informed and adhering to the recommended health and safety measures.

Queensland Health has developed resources about COVID-19 in other languages:



COVID-19 alerts and updates

Stage 3: Queensland
Effective from 4pm, 8 October 2021

The following restrictions for Queensland remains in place:

  • Indoor venues: 1 person per 2m2.
  • COVID Safe Checklist: Use of the COVID Safe Checklist: Restricted Businesses is mandatory for all restricted businesses (which includes Qld museums and galleries). 
  • Indoor events: 1 person per 2m2 or 100% allocated seating and ticketed capacity and must operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Event Checklist
  • Outdoor events: 100% allocated ticketed capacity (if seated). For events with dancing, the business must operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Event Checklist
  • Self-service food: No restrictions. 

Face masks:

South East Queensland: A face mask must be carried at all times when leaving your home, unless you have a lawful reason not to.

When to wear a mask:

  • Public transport and ride share: Including while waiting for transport in a public space such as a bus stop, taxi rank or train station.
  • Outdoors: (Including cafes, restaurants, pubs’, etc.) If you are unable to stay 1.5m apart from people who are not part of your household. You do not need to wear a mask if you are sitting or eating/drinking, including if you are standing to eat/drink.
  • Indoors: (Including cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc.) Including work spaces, masks must be worn at all times unless you are seated, or it is unsafe, or you can stay 1.5m apart from other people, or if you are eating/drinking (including if you are standing to eat/drink).
  • Schools: Masks must be worn at all times by teachers, staff and high school students unless you can stay 1.5m away from others, you are eating or drinking, or it is unsafe to wear a face mask.

Rest of Queensland: Everyone is encouraged to carry and wear a mask when physically distancing is not possible.

COVID-19 Safe Checklist

There is no longer a requirement for restricted businesses to operate under a COVID Safe Industry Plan or any of the ‘industry specific’ COVID Safe Checklists. These documents have been replaced by the new COVID Safe Checklist: Restricted Businesses

All venues in Queensland’s museum and gallery sector must complete the new COVID Safe Checklist: Restricted Businesses and ensure that a signed copy is clearly displayed at the business premises.

Events at your museum or gallery
Additionally, any indoor events, or outdoor events with dancing held at your museum or gallery must operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Event Checklist. The requirements for events are dependent on current Queensland Government directives.

If you are unable to download or print the above Checklists, contact M&G QLD and we will post a copy to you. 

Check In Qld app

It is now mandatory for all venues in Queensland’s museum and gallery sector (listed as Restricted Businesses) to register for the Check In Qld app to use for the purposes of contact tracing. 

How it works
Information about how to register your organisation, displaying and scanning the QR code, and checking-in guests using the app can be found via the Queensland Government website

Minors (aged under 16 years)
Unaccompanied minors (under the age of 16) are not required to check in. If a minor is with a parent/guardian, then it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to check them in as an ‘additional person’ using the Check in Qld app.

School groups and excursions
Primary or secondary school-aged children/young people visiting your museum or gallery as a part of an excursion are not required to provide contact information. Any adults accompanying the students on the excursion are still required to use the Check In Qld app. This does not apply to children attending an activity organised by a person acting in a private capacity.

Remote communities
If you can’t collect contact information using the Check In Qld app due to unexpected issues with your internet service or because your business is located in a place that does not have mobile internet data connection, you must still collect contact information using another method such as a spreadsheet or paper-based form.

For each visitor, information must include:
– Name
– Phone number
– Email address (residential address if unavailable) 
– Date and time period of the visit.

You must also use best endeavours to transfer this information to an electronic system within 24 hours and store for a period of 56 days, adhering to the relevant privacy law requirements. If asked, this information must be provided to a public health officer within the stated time.

Translated Resources

Translated Resources: Australian Government Department of Health
For translated versions of the resources made available by the Australian Department of Health, including important COVID-19 information.

Visit Website

Information for multicultural communities – Covid 19
Queensland Health is working closely with key stakeholders across the state to ensure that people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds have access to current, culturally appropriate and translated COVID-19 information. 
Visit Website

M&G QLD COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 Information Resources & Support

COVID-19: Information, Resources & Support
Resource updated: July 2021

Developed by M&G QLD, this resource brings together information and links to resources, advice and support to assist our sector through the impacts of COVID-19.

Volunteer Workforce Risk Assessment Template

COVID-19 funding assistance

Arts Northern Rivers Micro Grants
Supports the Northern Rivers arts and cultural community, this funding aims to be as flexible as possible. Proposed projects or activity must be arts related and in response to hardship due to the effects of COVID-19 on the community.
Closes: 22 September 2021

Arts Sustainability Fund
Supports the arts and entertainment sector to continue its activities by providing necessary finance to plan a pathway for recovery from the effects of COVID-19. 
Closes: 31 May 2022, or until funds are expended. 

Business Queensland
Search Business Queensland’s COVID-19 Business Assistance Finder to see what support your organisation may be eligible to receive to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Contemporary Touring Initiative
Provides up to three years of funding for the development and/or national COVID-safe touring of nationally significant contemporary visual arts and craft exhibitions. 
Closes: 1 March 2022

COVID-19 National Funding Platform
Australian Communities Foundation and Philanthropy Australia have partnered to provide a national funding platform to coordinate the philanthropic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Find out more

Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund
Supports the arts and entertainment sector to reactivate. The program is targeted funding towards organisations to assist in the presentation of cultural and creative projects, activities and events to rebuild confidence amongst investors, producers and consumers. 
Closes: Until all funds are allocated. 

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program
Supports small businesses subject to closure or highly impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown restrictions announced by the Queensland Government, to adapt and sustain their operations, and build resilience. 

Touring Queensland Fund
Supports the delivery of high-quality, tour-ready work to and from regional Queensland communities with demonstrated community interest and demand. 
Closes: 13 October 2021

Touring Queensland Quick Response Fund
Supports Queensland-based artists, arts organisations and presenters to deliver touring performances and community engagement activities. 
Closes: Until funds are expended. 


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M&G QLD is here to support you through COVID-19. Get in touch with us if you have any further questions or queries.

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