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Exhibitions & displays

Use these resources to learn the ins-and-outs of planning and delivering an exhibition or display at your museum or gallery.

Interpretation & storytelling


Advice and guides by Museum Galleries Scotland, UK that includes: interpretive aims and objectives; what to interpret, interpretive text, digital interpretation and interpreting your audience.  


These resources by the Western Australian Museum cover topics such as: disability awareness, interpretation policy, exhibition policy, education and public programs, labels in museum exhibitions, lighting in museum exhibits, and exhibition development.

Interpretation policy template 

This template includes keys points to consider when interpreting items in your collection for display. Written by Australian Museums and Galleries Association (Victoria) as part of the Museum Accreditation Program, 2007.  

Creating a small exhibition

Creating a small themed exhibition is a great way to showcase a particular story from your collection without having to rethink your permanent exhibition space. This video by Australian Museums and Galleries Association (Victoria) illustrates how you can create a small one cabinet themed exhibit, or a series of cabinets to create an exhibition.

Oral History instructional video

Learn how to capture oral histories with an instructional video developed by AMaGA Victoria as part of the Veterans Heritage Project.

Oral History Toolkit

This resource was developed in collaboration between AMaGA Victoria and Museum Victoria, and is based on Museum Victoria’s Oral History Kit, 2014.

Exhibition labelling

Your label will be read by people without any prior information and by those who are well versed on the subject, so choose language that is clear, concise, integral and avoids jargon. Museums and Galleries of NSW has provided a factsheet of what to consider.

Writing text and labels

This information by The Australian Museum provides an overview of visitor behaviour, exhibition and text development based on a literature review.

Exhibition planning and label writing 101: top tips

This article is an interview with North Carolina Museum of Art, USA curators Jennifer Dasal and Caroline Rocheleau who give their top tips on selecting works of art for exhibition and writing labels about them.

Exhibition logistics

Exhibitions: a practical guide for small museums and galleries 

A step-by-step guidebook on how to initiate, manage, and deliver an exhibition. This book will assist small museums and galleries and includes a comprehensive list of all the documentation templates you will need to deliver exhibitions to museum standards. Written by Georgia Rouette, Australian Museums and Galleries Association (Victoria), 2007.  

Exhibition basics 

Follow these basics by Museums Victoria to put together your museum or gallery setting.  

Curatorial toolkit: a practical guide for curators 

This toolkit is designed primarily for emerging curators. The toolkit is meant as a recommended practice guide – a suggested framework from which curators may create their own working practice. Published by 2010 Legacies Now, Canada.  

Condition reports: the essentials 

There are several different types of condition reports and many sorts of condition reporting forms, some of which form a component of a cataloguing system, others that have been designed for specific uses or collections. Resource by Museums & Galleries of NSW.  

Loans factsheet

This factsheet by Museums & Galleries of NSW covers: permanent and long-term loans, record keeping, loans register, loan agreement forms and parties involved.

Loans for exhibitions

Given that the value of the subject matter of the exhibition loan agreement will often be high, it is essential that the contract be simple to understand and that it carefully and precisely articulates the parties’ intentions. This resource by Simpsons Solicitors covers the legal implications of loans for exhibitions.

Installing exhibitions: a practical guide 

An invaluable guide for all students, artists, makers and craftspeople – anyone in fact who exhibits or displays their own work, or the work of others. By Pete Smithson, 2010.  

Handling, transportation, storage and display 

Learn how vulnerable objects are when they are being handled, know the ideal conditions for storing and displaying mixed collections of objects, and understand the need to protect objects from fluctuations in environmental conditions when moving them from one climatic zone to another. Resources by re:Collections.  

Working with artists

Artworks: getting permission 

This information sheet is for people who want to use photographs, paintings, drawings, book illustrations, cartoons, graphics on websites and other artworks. Information by Australian Copyright Council, 2019. 

Putting works online: FAQs for artists and arts organisations

Arts Law of Australia has put together answers to some of the most common question’s we’ve received from artists and arts organisations. This edition focuses on putting work online. 

Public art guidelines for artists and commissioners

The following guidelines may help creators and commissioners of public artworks avoid conflict and misunderstanding both during the commissioning process and for the life of the work. Guidelines by Arts Law of Australia.   

Contracts: an introduction 

Contracts can be confusing to get your head around. This information sheet by Arts Law of Australia is an introduction to contract basics. 

Artist contracts and agreements

The agreement or contract is the legal document between an artist or owner of an artwork and a borrowing institution, or between an exhibition organiser and the host venue. Resource by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

Touring exhibitions

Travelling exhibitions: a practical handbook for metropolitan and regional galleries and museums 

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran to travelling exhibitions, an individual or an organisation, this comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the planning, standards and practice of putting an art or museum exhibition on the road. By Sara Kelly, National Exhibitions Touring Support Victoria, 2002.  

Touring exhibitions

M&G QLD manages a high-quality touring exhibitions program to provide access to contemporary visual arts practice for regional and metropolitan communities.

Are you interested in touring an exhibition, do you want to hire an exhibition for your venue, or are you seeking advice? Get in touch with our Exhibition Development and Touring team.

National Exhibition Touring Support 

This website features an online directory of available touring exhibitions from across the country as well as exhibitions on the road.  

Basics of touring an exhibition

A travelling exhibition is a great way for your exhibition to be seen by thousands of visitors across the country. Museums & Galleries of NSW has compiled a list of things to consider before your show goes on the road. 

Touring of exhibitions

This resource by Simpsons Solicitors covers the legal implications of touring exhibitions.

Further assistance

M&G QLD Consultant & Supplier Register 

M&G QLD’s Consultant and Supplier Register is a comprehensive list of museum and gallery sector specialists, both Queensland-based and nationally.  


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